Medical Information for European Citizens and Medical Professionals

The objectives of this use case were to:

  • find out more about concrete information needs of European citizens searching for health information on the Internet, including text and multimedia data such as images and videos;
  • find out more about health professionals’ information needs concentrating on general practitioners;
  • give adapted access to both the medical literature and the general public health content on the Web to the citizens of Europe in a safe and transparent environment;
  • empower European citizens by providing them with the tools and environment to better understand health information provided by several sources on the Internet;
  • provide a comfortable environment on the Internet for Medical Professionals to access relevant medical information for a specific domain and to share it with their colleagues and/or for the benefit of the non-professionals;
  • test the developed tools of the KHRESMOI project in real user tests to evaluate their usefulness and also their shortcomings to provide and explain the required information;
  • Investigate medical information access on mobile devices such as smartphones.


Surveys on and analyses of the use of search for medical information for the following end users were done:

Further analysis of the results led to a specification based on their requirements (Deliverable 8.2).


Khresmoi for Everyone: A search engine aimed at easing medical information search for the broadest group of end users:

Khresmoi Professional: A search engine providing professional search features for medical professionals.

The desktop prototypes of Khresmoi for Everyone and Khresmoi Professional are described in Deliverable 8.5.2. The mobile prototypes are described in Deliverable 8.4.


The results of the first round of user-centred evaluation of the Khresmoi for Everyone and Khresmoi Professional prototypes are in Deliverable 10.1.